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The official blog of a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It helps disabled individuals and their families.

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I am a freelance writer and author of several books. I have been a volunteer parent educator for the disabled community for 14 years. I am both a Special Olympian and Paralympian. My Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis primarily affects my bones and muscles of my thighs and legs. I enjoy wave boarding, reading, movies, and sports when I am not writing.

August 13, 2009

Grocery Shopping Challenge

I went grocery shopping a oouple of days ago. I moved around the grocery store like a pro since it has been over a year since I started my allergy free diet. Unfortunately, I bought a product containing wheat in it, and I have to return it since I did not read the food label first. The good news is that I read the food label before eating it. At least, I did not have an allergic reaction.

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